Dress Code

Club Freak operates on a strict door policy. This is to protect our patrons from ‘tourists’ who happen upon the club and can often cause problems.  Entry is at the sole discretion of our Door Bitch who has complete discretion to admit entry - whether you have a ticket or not.  We recommend dressing to impress her, and leaving the attitude at home.

This is a pansexual alternative lifestyle club which will showcase some rather heavy bdsm play. As such we would love to see all our patrons dress to the occasion. We have been asked if guests can come in full sissy maid, crossdresser or puppy play gear and the answer is a resounding


Don’t hold back in expressing yourself or your kinks, the environment we are trying to create is one where you can be yourself, the true you that might stay hidden in everyday life… So bring out all that gear you thought was a little ‘too much’ for public viewing, there’s no judgement here and a lot of people are probably going to really love it.

The all black clothing minimum is a concession to those who are new to the scene and don’t yet have a kink wardrobe or those who are not comfortable in the more ‘traditional’ fetish wear of leather, latex and pvc etc.

Our events are about education and inclusion as well as play and fun. We do however require that you make a concentrated effort to dress appropriately to the theme of the night.

This means no blue or black jeans, sneakers, workwear, day wear or ‘standard’ club wear. If in doubt, dress up. Suits or waistcoats for male identifying patrons and black dresses for female identifying patrons are a safe choice, we also accept alternative/goth club wear.

For quick reference:


  • Leather
  • Latex
  • PVC
  • Fetish
  • Cross
  • Drag
  • Furr
  • Suit
  • Military
  • Goth/Alt/Retro
  • All Black


  • Jeans or Shorts in any colour, not even black.
  • Sneakers/Sandals etc
  • T-shirts other than Club Freak
  • Street Wear
  • Vanilla Club Wear
  • Workwear
  • Casual or Smart Casual


  • Black dress trousers are about $60 at a menswear store and easy to find or feel free to find something to wear from our Masculine collection.
  • Black dress shoes preferred, black boots ok too, black creepers, penny loafers etc.
  • Black button shirt preferred - even Big W has these for about $25
  • Add a tie for extra style. A vest is also a great addition, or go all the way and invest in a good quality black suit. You won’t regret it.

Your most important accessory on the night is the right attitude.

As always, entry is at the sole discretion of the Door Bitch. So please, be nice to her if you know what’s good for you.  This is no joke, if she says No for ANY reason, it’s a no and you will be asked to leave the premises.